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Tomorrow it's party time! The parking information on the location page has been updated.

Up Rough celebrates 20 years with a special out of compo release that will be shown after all the compos (while the organizers are busy counting votes). Hip hip hooray!


A lot of snow has fallen lately over Skövde and it's possible that it will continue also during the weekend. So if you plan to travel by car, make sure to put the winter tires on!


Today is a good day (actually the last) if you would like to prepay your ticket with reduced price.


The waiting is almost over!

7 days left!


We are still searching for more participants for the AMOS Professional Showdown. If you fancy a programming challenge friday night at Gerp 2019, don't hesitate to contact us at !


Only three months left until Gerp 2019! We hope to meet you in Skövde/Sweden from the 1st to the 3rd of february for the usual socializing demomaking combination.

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