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General information

Nature and Traktor once again invite you to Gerp, the traditional demoparty held in Skövde/Sweden. The party goes on from the 1st to the 3rd of february 2019 at Skövde culture centre ( in the hall named 'Freja'). There will be room for about 100 people with computers. The entrance fee is 150 SEK or 200 SEK depending on if you pay before or at the party and includes free breakfast and coffee.

The party has a focus on the oldschool platforms and historically it has especially been a stronghold for the Amiga demoscene, hence the Amiga focus when it comes to compos. But everyone with an intrest in the demoscene is welcome no matter if your target machine is a C64, a Atari or running Windows.

Since the partyplace is located in the middle of town you will find hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarket etc all within a few minutes of walking. The closest hotels are located just around the corner and the railroad/bus station is right across the street. The street address is 'Trädgårdsgatan 9'. Once you arrive at the culture centre look for the entrance towards 'Freja', located at the north-east side of the building.

There will be beer sold at the party and this is something we will arrange together with the restaurant that is located in the same building as the party. While this should be considered a nice feature it also has the downside that you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol inside (yup, that's the law).

As with any true demoparty you can sleep at the party (bring your inflatable matress!). If you're getting rusty and rather sleep at a hotel we supply some links for you in the 'Location' section. Showers might be available at the party during certain hours, however this can't be guaranteed.

There will be competitions for you to participate in and new for this year is the AMOS Pro Showdown! Please contact us if you'd like to participate. For those who can't make it in person we also welcome remote entries for the demo and graphics competitions. See the 'Competitions' section for more information.

Some simple rules

  • Swedish law applies
  • Don't be stupid (Not even if you're drunk)
  • Smoke outside
  • Keep your own alcohol outside

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