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If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Trädgårdsgatan 9' in Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there. The parking space marked with 8 on the map have become a parking house and will cost you 75 SEK for 24 hours and is probably the best solution nearby if you want to avoid hassle with moving the car during certain hours. You can also park by the trains station (9), last year the cost was 99 SEK for 24 hours. The closest parking space (10) has a limit of max two hours parking during pay time (10-18 friday, 10-15 saturday and sunday) and the cost for these hours are 10 SEK for the first hour and 20 SEK for the second hour. While unloading your gear you can also park your car along the road outside the railroad station (2). If you don't want to pay for parking and don't mind parking a bit further away you can unload your gear and then park your car for free at Arena Skövde a 10-15 minutes walk from the partyplace. Driving directions

If you want to go by train or bus just make sure that your end destination is 'Skövde Resecentrum'. Cross the street and head for the entrance shown in the picture below.

Map of the surroundings

  1. Gerp party entrance
  2. Train/bus station 'Skövde Resecentrum' with convenience store (Pressbyrån)
  3. Scandic Hotel Billingen
  4. Hotel Skövde
  5. Clarion Collection Hotel Majoren
  6. McDonalds and Subway
  7. Supermarket (Hemköp)
  8. *New* Parking house "Mode"
  9. Parking space by the train station, "Skövde Resecentrum"
  10. Closest parking space, free parking during most of the weekend but max 2 hours parking during pay-time
  11. Kebabhouse
  12. Bombay Masala (indian restaurant)
  13. Brooklyn Burger
  14. Nearest pizza place (Riviera)
  15. Quality Hotel Prisma

(There are also lots of restaurants/bars/clubs in the area around Torggatan/S:ta Helenagatan/Hertig Johans Gata.)

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