Gerp 2014

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At Gerp there will be a whole bunch of competitions for you to participate in. All entries must be previously unreleased and will be spread in public after the party. In case there are very few entries in a compo there will be a merge with some closely related compo and if we get loads of entries in a compo we might even split it (e.g. splitting the demo compo into a separate demo compo and a separate intro compo). The winner in each compo will get some kind of prize yet to be decided.

The competitions are also open for people who for one reason or the other is not present at the party. Send your remote entries to before 17.00 CEST on saturday the 6th of september.

The following machines will be supplied for the competitions, if your machine of choice is not listed below you are very welcome to bring it yourself and run your compo entry on it.

  • Amiga 1200, Blizzard 1260-50MHz, 64 mb fast, OS 3.1.
  • Commodore 64 (8580), 1541-II diskdrive, Action Replay 6.
  • MSX2, 128 kb ram, 128 kb vram.
  • Amiga 500, 512 kb memory expansion.

The competitions are as follows...


  • Any platform
  • No filesize limit (but keep it reasonable)

Amiga four channel music

  • Any Amiga four channel tracker format
  • Maximum file size is 2MB
  • Will be played in an appropriate tracker with the pattern data rolling
  • Max playtime is 4 minutes

Executable music

  • Must be an executable program (any platform)
  • Maximum file size is 16KB
  • Max playtime is 4 minutes

Chip music

  • Any tracker format, any number of channels
  • Maximum file size is 32KB
  • Max playtime is 4 minutes

Wild music

  • Any audioformat (includning mp3 and multichannel modules)
  • No filesize limit
  • Max playtime is 4 minutes

Amiga graphics

  • Max resolution is 640x512 pixels
  • Max number of colors is 256
  • You might be asked to provide some workstages


  • Only "handmade" pictures, no coversions from bitmap or in other ways generated graphics
  • Will be shown in CED

Commodore 64 graphics

  • Must be an executable program
  • You might be asked to provide some workstages

Wild graphics

  • Any still image goes
  • You might be asked to provide some workstages


  • Basically anything that can be run on a computer
  • Animations, games etc.