Gerp 2014

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Gerp is a small demo party organized by members of the demo groups Nature (Amiga/PC) and Traktor (Amiga/MSX). The party goes on from the 5th to the 7th of September in Ryd/Skövde/Sweden. The entrance fee will be 100 sek (10 euro) and the number of computer seats are limited to about 40. (We will look for a bigger hall if there is a need for that).

The venue does not have a street address but it's close to 'Bokmalsvägen 1' (see the map below). There's plenty of parking lots just outside the party place.

The closest ATM is about a kilometer from the party location and there is a gas station (Statoil) which is open 24/7 about 2,5 kilometers away.

There will be a free breakfast served on both saturday and sunday morning. The breakfast will consist of a few sorts of bread and some spread plus milk and juice. The breakfast time somewhat depends on when people wake up. There will also be free coffee during the weekend.


  • Swedish law applies
  • Don't be stupid (Not even if you're drunk. If you get thrown out you won't get in again)
  • Smoke outside

Party features

  • Free breakfast saturday and sunday
  • Kiosk selling cool (and cheap!) drinks
  • Plenty of compos for all platforms (including surprise)
  • Free coffee
  • Shower open at certain hours (to be announced at the party)
  • Schedule


    • 17.00 - Gerp 2014 opens
    • 21.00 - MasterBlaster compo


    • 10.00 - Breakfast
    • 15.00 - Pezac's Amiga Demo Quiz
    • 18.00 - Pizza ordering
    • 20.00 - Deadline Music and Graphics compos
    • 21.00 - Deadline Demo and Wild compos
    • 22.00 - Compo time


    • 10.00 - Breakfast
    • 12.00 - Prize giving
    • 13.00 - Gerp 2014 is over


    If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Bokmalsvägen 1' in Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there.

    If you want to go by train and bus this is a very good option. Just take the train to Skövde Resecentrum and from there take bus number 5 towards Ryd and get off at 'Myggdansvägen'. From there take a walk for about 350 meters towards the partyplace according to the map below.